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We know that it is tempting to avoid the dental office. However, if you avoid it, you could be running from someone that can help you. Our work is all about helping you prevent dental problems and deal with those that are actively causing you problems. Visiting our office every six months can be a great asset in your quest to have a healthy life.

A major aspect of a semi-annual checkup is an examination of your mouth for signs of any issues. We can single out the signs of cavities, gum disease and other problems with our training and tools. We can go a step further by taking x-rays to look for things like cysts or abscesses, which may not be visible to our eyes otherwise. If we do notice anything, we can help you put a stop to them so you can feel comfortable and secure.

Our cleaning services can help you remove plaque and tartar that your toothbrush might miss from your teeth and gums. We can help you prevent problems like cavities and gum disease in this way instead of just dealing with them when they are causing problems. Not only that, we can give you a more pleasant-looking smile by using a polishing paste on your teeth. The paste can deal with some of the stains that would otherwise mar your smile’s appearance.

Dr. Mark Warner and our dental team are happy to perform these services for you so you can go about your days without worrying about dental problems and feel more comfortable showing your teeth. If you would like to try our dental cleaning and exam services, you are welcome to come to Greenfield Optimal Dental in Greenfield, Wisconsin. You can call 414-837-5989 to set up an appointment with us, and we hope to hear from you soon.