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While it is tempting to think that dental crowns are tougher than your real teeth because they are artificial, they require the same level of care as your natural teeth. This is not just for the sake of your crowned tooth, but for the sake of your gums as well.

While both the crown and your teeth feel hard, they are still susceptible to breakage if you are not careful. A number of overly hard foods, popcorn kernels for example, and things like ice and hard candy can break dental crowns and teeth, if you make a habit of chewing on them. Try to keep the amount of hard foods to a minimum, and take smaller bites when you eat them. Let ice and hard candy melt in your mouth instead, though keep the candy to a minimum too.

We caution you to be aware of clenching and grinding your teeth. These bad habits can wear down and break natural teeth and dental crowns. Try to relax your jaw if you find yourself clenching or grinding so you can take strain off your teeth and crowns.

Your gums benefit when you care for the crown. The crown guards what remains of the tooth it replaced, but that protection does not extend to the gums. Plaque can still amass on and around the crown, which can infect your gums and cause gum disease. Fortunately, if you remember to include the crown when you brush and floss, you can clear up most of the plaque, reducing your risk of gum disease.

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